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An ambitious modernisation programme carried out over the last fifteen years finds the school today not only recognised as one of the most technically advanced and innovative schools in Greece but also included in the Microsoft Showcase Schools, which features the 600 most advanced schools in the world.

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Our school was founded back in 1949 due to the vision and stubbornness of a young  teacher, Stavroula Avgoulea-Linardatou, who at the age of 23, at the end of a devastating for Greece decade dared to dream of establishing a private school in the western suburbs of Athens, in Peristeri. Her vision was to create a school that would discover multiple ways of developing the 21st century skills and encouraging self-esteem and then through efficient pedagogical approaches lead our students to the effortless conquest of knowledge. Little did she know that after 7 decades our two-room school would grow stronger and bigger and would end up comprising of 1550 students and 340 employees. Our administrative and teaching staff  engage everyday into integrating different and innovative projects into the formal curriculum using a constantly updated infrastructure on new technologies. Thus our students are allowed to develop a handful set of skills regarding innovation and ICT. Furthermore, the activities of the school cover domains which are not only related to education in the strictest sense but also related to arts, sports and culture in general. All of our teachers constantly try to engage our students into projects, school collaborations, national and european competitions always with regards to the interests of each student with exceptional results in every field.

 Microsoft Showcase School Program 

Our school has always been recognized as a very innovative and forward looking institution, which also uses state of the art technologies in education. As a result, in 2014 we were accepted into the Microsoft Showcase Schools program. Since then we have set up a team of Microsoft Trainers who take on the responsibility of training our entire staff on new apps and software that have the potential of improving the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. In 2021, 98 educators were certified as Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators, 12 as Trainers, 3 as Fellows and 1 as the first Minecraft Mentor in Greece. In fact, 40 of our teachers successfully participated in the demanding MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator) exam based on the design of activities that develop the six basic skills of the 21st century (critical thinking, real problem solving and innovation, collaboration, communication, digital skills, self-regulation).

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